About Us

Bita Lifescience
was incorporated in the year 2004 to serve the diagnostic pathology and research laboratories with the main focus on anatomic pathology and hematology. Today, we are firmly established as a leading provider in these fields. We have achieved this by distinguishing ourselves as a solution oriented provider rather than a product oriented provider. Armed with a decade of experience and knowledge, we are now expanding into other areas of life science research.

We offer a wide range of products including reagents, diagnostic kits and instruments for anatomic pathology, flow cytometry, molecular biology and life science research.

Our working philosophy,

* To provide high quality innovative products and top notch service
   to meet customers needs.
* To foster lasting and effective partnerships with customers and
   principals based on trust and integrity.
* To provide a progressive work culture for our employees, encouraging
   positive teamwork, accountability, creativity and work ownership.